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Yes.. It's true. Our dream has turned into reality.
Our premises at U-TOPCULAR are finished.
We started searching for future brains and talents via Internet.
Soon you'll see lists of projects,
ranging from software design to
scripting TV series.
From Space projects to music. From acting to electronics.

All you have to do is choose your target and join us
in discovering the frontiers of tomorrow.
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Writers Corner


How to Join the Projects........

( The communication language will be English to make sure that people from all over our planet can join our dreams. For that, I apologize from my people that I do not use my perfect native language, Turkish)

a) There will be three groups of projects:

* Projects that we put out for you to join.

We have a long range of projects living in our dreams, waiting for their turn to become reality. Most of them will be paid assignments, such as doing 3D animations, writing code for AI applications, writing scripts for animated TV series or designing artistic layouts. Others will be imaginative but realistic stuff like designing new interfaces for the computers, going to Mars etc. Yes, we do are planning to do REAL space work, and we already have enough promises from some major guys in NASA and other related groups to help us.

* Projects that you and other 3rd party companies generate

You and all the other sharp minded persons are welcome to expose your projects and collect other brains to join you. These may be paid jobs as well as 'just for fun' kind of co-operations. If money is involved, neither me nor my company will be responsible for the financial side of the stories. All sides will secure themselves without our help. I really don't care about how you do that part. Just please do not involve me in any state where money is involved between you guys. We only are responsible for our own payments.

* Competitions and Leagues

Yes, we'll have competitions and leagues on different subjects, ranging from software to animations. So, get your minds and energizers sharpened up for the coming events.


b) How to Operate

Every project will have a project ID number, a brief definition and an approximate production time. Anyone who wants to join the project must register herself/himself, indicate the project number, estimate how much time she/he will need to complete her/his part and where applicable e-mail a representable sample. Anyone can have as many projects as she/he wants. However, I must advise you that you never should pitch for projects more than you can handle because at the end of the time you estimate, you will be asked to hand over your work. I strongly believe that internal discipline is the key to success so after a couple of late returns, you won't be allowed to join anymore projects not to block others. All the applications will be closely studied to make sure we work with the right people. This doesn't mean that people with less experience will be left out. Just the other way around. We want to make sure all the kids, all the young minds and all the professionals should be parts of a team. Our study will be merely on making teams fit.

c) What will be done with these projects?

All the projects must have a level of future signature. We should know that we are forcing our limits to become leaders in the worlds of tomorrow. If anyone turns to buy any finished project, half concept or idea, all the people who are involved in the project will share the income, copyright or whatsoever. In case of paid work, it won't be different than any other office job except you won't have to spend hours and hours to go to work, stay there for eight hours and do the trip backwards. Terms of financial trade will be effective so whoever asks for a job from you will handle the paperwork and taxes. That's how I'll operate anyway.

d) What's that picture up on this page? Whose house is it anyway?

That's the picture of our headquarters. Located in a beautiful lanscape an hour away from Istanbul, at Topcular (I call it U-Topcular), it will be the center of our works. There will be people working full time there, answering and helping you in whatever field you work on. Their duty will be gathering information to support our projects. They will be in front of web-cams all the time so you may speak to them on-line. If you have a camera too, you may see and talk to each other. We'll become a biiiig family.

We have a nice swimming pool, lots of space for work-shops, a pond, lots of trees and lots of animals. We soon will build a runway of our own so that we can build our own airplanes and fly. We already made a deal with a company in US to bring in plane kits in so that you can build them and fly with them. Not models, real planes of 2-4 seaters. Isn't that exciting?

Very often we'll come together to know each other, throw parties, dance, swim and bar-b-que. We'll enjoy our headquarters as much as we can.

However, this is not the main purpose of U-Topcular.

Using our products and energy, we'll sponsor hundreds of children that we'll collect from the streets. Make them comfortable, go to school and become a member of our Academy of Future Arts and Sciences.

This is my dreamest dream. More colorful and more exciting than going to the sun. I do believe that you believe in this dream too. Let's see less hungry children eyes on the streets. If we can make a small group of children happy, they'll do the same to others and this will roll just like a snowball untill there won't be any scared hungry little eyes without future.

C'mon guys.. We can do it. All we have to do is start..

d) Who may join?

Any human being (or any creature) capable of joining a project from anywhere in the world is welcome. It really doesn't matter if she/he is from Kenya or Konya. Nor her/his age. Nor her/his nationality. Nor her/his color.

But it does matter if she/he is a racist. If she/he is a violence supporter, a terrorist, a pirate or a drug dealer. So any projects that promote racism, violence, children abusement, piracy, drugs etc. better not come close.

I hate any item that separates us, tells us that we belong to ANOTHER something and gives us authority to kill each other.

In a couple of weeks time, you'll see lists of projects. You are free to submit your project and look for wilder brains to join yours. We are working on the technical database background to make this dream come true but I will soon display some of the projects so that you may start to join our dreams immediately.

I know that we are pitching for the craziest idea around but I do believe that there are millions and millions of crazier guys than I am who will love to get involved in turning this world upside down. I wish you and myself all the luck we may need soon.

And I wish you new rainbows with colors you never dreamed of before.

Ali Murat Erkorkmaz