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MARTI animation and the companies that made up MARTI has always been in search for new technologies and developments.

The in-house Research and Development division has been working on inventing new systems, styles and technology on all the branches from multi-layer 35mm film production to software.

In 1996, the real time animation software was developed and used in the production of "The Babum Show" where a 2D animated gorilla was hosting a live TV show together with a live girl. Interaction with the live background and many other animals were supplied by means of artificial intelligence. The production was a typical 3 camera shooting that did not require animation overlay at post production. By the time the live shooting was finished, the programs was ready to run. This enabled us to live with 2D cartoon characters. This technique was later used in the production of the late series such as Tombik and B.B., Magica and the PuzzlePlaza, Mister Simon and Jiggy Jiggy, Rotto Botto Robotto, etc.

Ahmet Renderer
Cartoon Editor
Colors and Shapes
Fair Pair
Bigs and Smalls
Dr. McCOOL who wrote all the software
Babum and Fatih Erkoc playing "LIVE" together

After the century was taken over by the computers, MARTI carried on producing software for the Film market as well as developing artificial intelligence software for Architectural and Textile purposes. Among 2000 odd titles we can count

- Architecture Fast, the fastest CAD program that has AI, where given the land, regulations and the needs, the program, in seconds could offer limitless designs, all calculated and ready to go that match ones demands.

- Textiles Fast, A design and automatic machine control program for textiles that could "draw" more than 6 million unique designs per day and get the weaving machines to produce the materials

- Animation Fast, a vectoral animation program that could produce animation reading a text file,

- Pino, an interactive TV game, that children can play using their phone lines during broadcast,

- Dinosaur Valley, another broadcast TV game, based on dinosaurs and a caveman,

-Tongo, A third game, again, fuly interactive.

- Ahmet Renderer, a multi-folder rendering package,

- Maximator, a 3D filmmaker package that also uses AI,

- Cartoon Editor, to produce comic strips,

- Point & Paint, to produce animation in the new PAP format

- Sound Analizer, a package that reads written text by anybody's voice

- Tag Changer, to make changes in the attributes of any file

The latest PAP format is such a work. It is a unique way of producing animation and transferring it via Internet or other media transmission systems. The end user can actually get on the web for only one minute, download a certain data that could make his computer run 24 hours of animation, full screen, full action and full color.